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You Can't Predict, But You Can Prepare®

Malibu Fire & Security's™ mission is to make homes, schools and businesses a safer place. We install and support  professional, dependable firefighting products and systems that protect what you care for most until help can arrive.

On October 26th, 1929 residents of 11 Malibu Colony homes returned from the "Big Game" of Cal State vs. Stanford in Palo Alto to find their homes in ashes.  One house caught fire, igniting others.  On Monday, the stock market crashed.

Wildfires are a part of a natural cycle, in Malibu and throughout many states.  In and around Malibu the growth dry chaparral brush, the drought resistant small woody plants that are filled a natural oil, and the occurrence of a drought cycle, need only a spark to ignite the highly flammable combination.  Add to that the local topography, the Las Virgenes - Malibu Canyon corridor and the Santa Ana winds provide an efficient system of enhancing the likelihood of a devastating fire.

Emergency Response Checklist:

Notify Fire & Emergency Personnel, Implement Your Emergency Response Plan

System Features & Options
  • Insurance Company Documentation
  • Let us help devise an Emergency Response Plan
  • Check list of vital information and contacts
  • Portable/Wheel Mounted, easily moved & operated by a single person over your landscaping or campus
Individual components integrated into your existing pool & spa equipment.
  • Powered Back Up for reliable use when power is threatened or off
  • Remote Standpipes connected to pool plumbing for full property/building coverage from a central point.
Water, Foam or Gel?
  • Optional choice of easily application of high performance fire suppression additives
  • Each option has particular advantages that you can choose for your specific needs
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