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High Santa Ana Winds, Steep Walled Canyons Running North to South, and Dry Brushy Landscape Make Malibu and the Surrounding Area Ideal For Fast Moving, Hard to Reach, Wildfires.

Be Notified Immediately by Phone, Cell or Smart Phone, Text or Email When a Wildfire Threatens Your Home or Office. Malibu Fire & Security™

Throughout the heat of summer the relative humidity can fall below 10% . During fall and winter months, the Santa Ana winds evaporate much of the remaining moisture making the chaparral and brush more flammable. Residents and business make things worse with the opportunity for accidental and careless ignition sources, even arson.

Malibu Fire & Security™ offers integrated 24/7 monitored medical alert, smoke and fire detectors.  Once smoke has been detected, the monitored system immediately initiates a call to fire and emergency personnel then notifies you of the alert. This system can be a part of a total security system including intruder protection, medical alert and smoke detectors.  Choose any single feature or take advantage of all three, "Where You Live, Where You Work"

Monitoring System Options & Emergency Medical Alert
  • Insurance Documentation & Emergency Response Plan
  • Checklist and contact information
  • Optimally placed smoke detectors to fit your property and environment
  • Alert can be initiated manually if others notice the fire threatening
  • Wireless options that call emergency personnel if phone lines fail
  • 24/7 operation; always "on"
  • Can be integrated to your existing intruder alarm, or design a new system.
  • Medical emergency alert. Threatening situations, or sudden episodes can summon medical personnel immediately.
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