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Irresistible, Seductive, Enlivening... Immerse Yourself In The Ultimate Relaxation & Peaceful Retreat

A swimming pool is your disconnection from the earth, a suspended state where nothing is that important, the antidote for stress, and a source for arousal of the passions. No other amenity is as useful in a healthy lifestyle, especially when combined with interests such as yoga, meditation, and exercise programs.

Spas & Jacuzzi's  reward you with the warmth of the Southern California climate in a tranquil and secluded retreat. Spend the afternoon lounging first in the spa and swimming in cool sparkling pool to invigorate body and sprit.  Block out distractions and envelope your senses.

Malibu Pool Service™ provides the necessary service and maintenance to keep your pool & spa ready no matter when you chose to relax and while away private time, or arouse your passions.

Services & Options*
  • Weekly Service, Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Energy Efficient Heater, Pump & Filter Upgrades
  • *Chemical-Alternative & Chemical Sensitivity Options
  • Energy Efficient Pumps
  • Energy Efficient  Controllers & Pumps
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