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The first priority in any design is to discover what it is you really want...

Modern equipment and pool design are more complex than ever before. Malibu Pool Service™ has the¬† knowledge and experience in designing and maintaining the new technology to give you the most for your investment and enjoyment of your pool & spa.

Review the latest innovations in equipment technology, design features and get the pool & spa that ideally suits your lifestyle. Design a new project or renovate and upgrade your current pool and equipment.

The Design-to-Construction Process
  • Review of equipment technology and innovations to conceptualize and develop an itemized list of features
  • Developing a schematic design of the property and the pool amenities to provide information where the owner can begin to visualize the project and make informed decisions and give final approval of the design.
  • Computer generated animation of actual design and water features
  • Developing project cost estimates for construction and materials along with contingencies
Implementing construction
  • Site management and administration
  • Observation and adherence to the quality of the work being done
  • Coordination of inspection and permit approval of the project
Pool & Equipment Operations
  • Finishing the installation and the inauguration of the pool into service with the owners
  • Owner participatory training in the operation and understanding of the pool's care and equipment use.
Additional Information & Resources
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  • New equipment innovations
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